August 24, 2013

Movie: Beautiful Creatures

I've read all four Beautiful Creatures and I enjoyed them. Actually I enjoy every book I read, there is not one book I've read that I disliked. Well, maybe this one book I read in 10th grade years ago (see I don't even remember the name of it). Anyway, if you, like me, read the books and you saw the movie, then you were probably nitpicking everything from start to finish.


If you haven't read the books then you'd enjoy the movie. If you have read them, then I guess you'll feel somewhat indifferent towards it. No? Just me? I liked the movie alone. It's a stand-alone film, but since I'm a reader and an avid movie lover, it just doesn't click as a whole. I'm speaking nonsense now. Point is, Beautiful Creatures is entertaining. I've swooned to the moon and back over Alden Ehrenreich so many times and he does it for me in the movie. He has this charisma that captures everything that is Ethan Wate, and Alice Englert is stunning. Give this movie a try kids, you might just like it.