December 22, 2013

Movie: Things 'Legally Blonde' Taught Me...

  • Orange will never be the new pink
  • Don’t chase after an old boyfriend because you spent 4 luxurious hours in the bathtub with him and thought he was the “one”. Someone better, smarter, and less douchey will come along…keep your eyes open!
  • When someone tells you a secret or alibi take it to the grave because its not yours to tell
  • That mean girl who happens to be engaged to your ex can/will become your best friend

December 17, 2013


I've been feeling quite creative today, and I'd like to thank Spotify for the playlist I created below. I might just do a little writing for myself, or edit this blog...who knows, but I hope this creative streak never ends! 


December 6, 2013


Here is one of my many "Feeling The Blues" playlist. If you're ever having one of those days, listen to these to go along with your internal soundtrack. Do you remember that episode of The O.C where Marissa catches Summer listening to her self narrating her daily thoughts? Yeah, this is exactly how I feel when I'm feeling blue, only I have songs to back me up. Yes I can be weird sometimes. I hope you like my playlist this week!

November 29, 2013


Is there someone you recently broke up with? Reminiscing about a failed relationship? Need some getting over? If you answered yes to all of the above, then I recommend listening to this week's playlist to help you get over that someone. These are start-up songs, there are plenty more out there for your to hear so go ahead and listen to the encouraging words from the fellow artists below.

November 20, 2013


Alright, making a playlist every week has been a lot of fun. I love sharing things with you guys, not just with movies, tv, or fashion, but I also love music. It always helps with whatever you are feeling at the moment. This week's playlist is called "I Put Some New Shoes On And Suddenly Everything Is Right". It was originally called "New Me, New You", but it has the same feel nonetheless. Put the volume up and get inspired by this week's musical selections.

November 12, 2013


Here's a playlist I made last night. I call  this one "Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?". I think it speaks for itself. You know when you're unsure of your feelings for someone, or you don't know what to say to them? Well here are a couple of songs that can help you out and spark that courage inside you to say or do something about it. Turn it up, sing aloud and get that guy/girl!

August 24, 2013

Movie: Beautiful Creatures

I've read all four Beautiful Creatures and I enjoyed them. Actually I enjoy every book I read, there is not one book I've read that I disliked. Well, maybe this one book I read in 10th grade years ago (see I don't even remember the name of it). Anyway, if you, like me, read the books and you saw the movie, then you were probably nitpicking everything from start to finish.


August 18, 2013

Back To School Playlist

I know some of you are going back to school. No matter what level you're going to, it can be nerve-wracking yet exciting. I know, because I'm always anxious the day before and I can't sleep at night. Trust me, I know what you're going through. So I gathered a couple of my favorite songs and made a Back To School Playlist just for you. These songs get me going all the time every now and then. I hope it has the same effect for you. If you want to find more songs, you can always check out my playlist section.


P.S  If you're trying to look for old posts, I deleted them. I'm going through a blog-cleanse, so this will most likely be the first post you'll see in this blog. It's mostly daily tidbits of my daily life, weekday fashion inspiration, mood boards, playlists, reading lists, pretty much anything I find inspiring.